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[ Japanese ]
- Libraries -
(Tokushima & Kagawa Campuses)
Each library at the Tokushima and Kagawa campuses is equipped with various kinds of computers such as network personal computers, work stations, and mini-computers.
They are joined by the LAN iLocal Area Networkj system. In addition, they are connected by exclusive lines to academic and information networks thus facilitating internet communication with the world.
The Murasaki Tadahito Memorial Library commemorating the 100th anniversary of the foundation of the Institution

The Research and Media Library commemorating the 110th anniversary of the foundation of the Institution

The entranceway of the Tokushima campus Library

computers available for Internet research Students can study inside the library in a calm environment

Bookshelves containing some of the schools 640,000 volumes

Computers available for Internet research Students using the computers for personal study

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