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- University Programs -
Tokushima Bunri University offers eight faculties, three Postgraduate and five Graduate schools, five Reserch Institutes and a Junior College. Students can choose a research theme among a wide range of faculties and departments depending on their field of study and their future occupational goals. Both the Tokushima and Kagawa campuses provide the students with a clean environment, an abundance of space and greenery, modern buildings with new equipment and much more.

Science and Engineering
This Faculty encourages flexible and creative ideas from their students to develop new modern technology to be used in today's Information Technology society.
There is a strong emphasis On theoretical and practical learning.

yNano Material and Bio Engineeringz
In the Department of Nano Materials, students learn about all areas of nano-technology and bio-technology from a basic to an advanced level. As a result, they come to understand objects and organisms at the atomic and molecular level and obtain the necessary knowledge to become effective researchers in the fields related to the development of such things as new nano-materials.

yMechanical Engineeringz
In this department, students learn extensively about the field of materials, electronic systems and machines and are trained to become mechanical engineers who can create new things using electronic control technology.

yElectronic Engineering and Information Sciencez
The various subjects in the curriculum are useful in today`s information society which focuses on safety and comfort. Sanuki city is a special district for constructional reform (Information Technology special zone) and thus by taking advantage of this property, a student can aim to become a basic technological engineer.

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