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[ Japanese ]

Murasaki Sai Memorial Hall

Music Building and Murasaki Hall

"Chakintei" the tea room
at Tokushima Campus
The university motto:"Independence and Cooperation"
(Calligraphy by Yasusaburo Hara)

Founding Principles
Advocation "independence for women," Sai Murasaki founded a private vocational institution in 1895 and over the past century, it has grown into one of the largest private educatinal organizations in western Japan. In keeping with its motto, "Independence and Cooperation." the Murasaki Gakuen Educational Foundation has endeavored to provide high quality education to meet ever-changing needs of Japanese society.

- History -
1895 Sai Murasaki founded a private vocational school
1947 Murasaki Gakuen Foundation accredited by the Ministry of Education and renamed Murasaki Advanced School for Girls
1948 Renamed Tokushima Girls' High School
1961 Tokushima Women's Junior College founded
1966 Tokushima Women's University founded, Faculty of Home Economics opens
1968 Faculty of Music opens
1970 Department of Juvenile Education opens in Faculty of Home Economics
1972 Tokushima Women`s University renamed Tokushima Bunri University.
Faculty of Pharmaceutical Science opens
1973 Tokushima Women's Junior College renamed
Tokushima Bunri Junior College
Tokushima Bunri Kindergarten founded
1975 Postgraduate course in the Faculty of Music begins. Tokushima Bunri Junior High School founded
1976 Tokushima Girls' High School renamed Tokushima Bunri Senior High School
1979 Pharmaceutical Science Masters Programs begins
1981 Pharmaceutical Science Doctoral Program begins
1983 Tokushima Bunri University Kagawa Campus opens. Faculty of Literature opens with the Departments of Japanese Literature and English and American Literature
1984 Tokushima Bunri Elementary School founded
1989 Faculty of Engineering opens at Kagawa campus with Departments of Mechanical-Electronic Engineering and Information Science and Systems Engineering
1992 Regional Culture Masters Program begins in the Graduate School of Literature
Department of Communication opens in the Faculty of Literature.
1993 Postgraduate course in Home Economics and Systems Control Engineering Masters Program begins.
1994 Regional Culture Doctoral Program begins. Department of Information Science in Life and Environment opens in the Faculty of Home Economics
1995 Systems Control Engineering Doctoral Programs begins.
1997 Food Science Masters Program and lnformation Science in Life and Environment Masters Program in Graduate School of Home Economics begin
1998 Clinical Pharmacy and Paedology Masters Program begins.
Department of Human Development opens in the Faculty of Home Economics.
Department of Cultural Property opens in the Faculty of Literature.
Department of Environmental and Systems Engineering opens in the Faculty of Engineering.
1999 Human Life Studies Doctoral Program begins in Graduate School of Home Economics
2000 Faculty of Policy Studies opens
2002 Faculty of Human Life Sciences begins with six departments
2004 Department of Nano Material and Bio Engineering opens in the Faculty of Engineering
Department of Pharmaceutical Technology opens in the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences at Kagawa Campus
Policy Studies Master's Degree program begins

2005 Pharmaceutical Sciences at Kagawa Campus Master and Doctoral programs begin
Nano Material and Bio Engineering Master and Doctoral programs begin
2006 Department of Pharmaceutics opens in Pharmaceutical Sciences Faculty(6years)
Department of Pharmacy(6years) and Department Pharmaceutical Sciences(4years)opens in Pharmaceutical Sciences Faculty at Kagawa Campus.
Care Workers Course begins in Junior College Faculty.
2007 Department of Clinical Engineering opens in Engineering Faculty
Department Human Welfare in Facluty of Human Life Science became independent as Department Human Welfare in Faculty of Human Welfare.
2008 Facluty of Human Welfare renamed Health and Welfare.
Department Nursing opens in Health and Welfare Faculty
Department of Mechanical -Electronic Engineering renamed Department Mechanical Engineering
Department of Information Science and System Engineering renamed Department Electronic Engineering and Information Science
Department of English and American Literature renamed Department of English -American Culture
2009 Faculty of Engineering renamed Faculty of Science and Engineering
Midwifery Program begins in Department of Midwifery
Department Housing Science renamed Department Architecture Design
2010 Department Physical Therapy opens in Health and Welfare Faculty.
2011 Department of Radiological Technology and Department of Clinical Engineering open in Heath and Welfare Faculty at Kagawa Campus.

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