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- University Programs -
Tokushima Bunri University offers eight faculties, three Postgraduate and five Graduate schools, five Reserch Institutes and a Junior College. Students can choose a research theme among a wide range of faculties and departments depending on their field of study and their future occupational goals. Both the Tokushima and Kagawa campuses provide the students with a clean environment, an abundance of space and greenery, modern buildings with new equipment and much more.

Junior College
This is a 2-year undergraduate liberal arts program that focuses on theoretical and practical learning to obtain the occupational skills needed in today's society. It is possible to transfer to the university after graduating from the junior college.

In this course, students study various business theories and accounting and taxation business. As well, students obtain the skills and knowledge to use computers well.

yLanguage and Communicaitonz
This department has three main fields of study: Japanese Language and Culture, English Language Culture and International Tourism. In each area, students can receive the necessary practical communicative training based on their future aims.

yJunior College Musicz
This course makes use of its connection with the Music Faculty and encourages a wider range of study focusing on the fields of music therapy, piano, voice, strings and electronic instruments. As a result, students can obtain various qualifications to become a music therapist, instructor or nursery school teacher.

yLife Sciencez
Students study about all aspects of welfare, housing and clothing which are the foundation of human life. As well, students can gain knowledge about art design in such fields as design, computer graphics and clay art.

yFood Sciencez
Students majoring in Food Sciences learn about food and nutrition and participate in many experiments and practice exercises. Most students are able to obtain a dieticianfs license and serve the community.

yChild Carez
This course is for students aiming to become a preschool teacher or day care staff member. Through lectures and practical training, we aim to create child care workers who have a high level of competence in their abilities.

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