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Tokushima Bunri University offers eight faculties, three Postgraduate and five Graduate schools, five Reserch Institutes and a Junior College. Students can choose a research theme among a wide range of faculties and departments depending on their field of study and their future occupational goals. Both the Tokushima and Kagawa campuses provide the students with a clean environment, an abundance of space and greenery, modern buildings with new equipment and much more.

In today's society, it seems that many people are forgetting about philosophy, culture and history and it is the goal of students in this Faculty to learn about such themes through the in-depth study of Western or Japanese literature.

yCultural Propertyz
Students will study about archeology, folklore, environmental history, excavation of old burial mounds as well as investigate ancient documents.

yJapanese Literaturez
In this course, students will study about Japanese literature from ancient to modern times. Such topics will include Basho, surezuregusa, and Heike monogatari.

yEnglish-American Culturez
Our goal of this department is to raise the studentfs English skill by concentrating on the TOEIC test and to get the students to understand the culture of English language.

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