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- University Programs -
Tokushima Bunri University offers eight faculties, three Postgraduate and five Graduate schools, five Reserch Institutes and a Junior College. Students can choose a research theme among a wide range of faculties and departments depending on their field of study and their future occupational goals. Both the Tokushima and Kagawa campuses provide the students with a clean environment, an abundance of space and greenery, modern buildings with new equipment and much more.

Health and Welfare
This Faculty educates students to be professionals who can work with a high degree of knowledge and skill in the field of Health and Welfare.

yPhysical Therapyz
The Department of Physical Therapy trains the student to become a professional Physical Therapist who can bring about rehabilitation in the fields of medical treatment, social welfare, and sports.

This department educates a student to be a nurse who understands the importance of human dignity, and who has acquired a well-rounded character and logical way of thinking.

yHuman Welfarez
In society today many high -level welfare specialist are needed, The department of Human Welfare trains students to become certified social worker or psychiatric social workers.

yClinical Engineeringz
Teamwork is considered to be the most essential element for clinical work. A clinical engineer technologist is an integral member of the medical team along with doctors and nurses. At Tokushima Bunri University, we base our education on the founding theme of AgIndependence and CooperationAh and thus educate our students to be outgoing, cooperative and humanistic.

yRadiological Technologyz
In this department students are trained to become medical professionals, such as radiological technologists, who can conduct examinations by applying.

yOral Health Sciencesz
This department educates students to become dental hygienists. They will be taught to link oral health and systemic health, ultimately support peoplefs high quality life. Graduates will be able to demonstrate their expertise in collaboration with other professionals in various fields such as medical care, nursing care and clinical dentistry.

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