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- University Programs -
Tokushima Bunri University offers eight faculties, three Postgraduate and five Graduate schools, five Reserch Institutes and a Junior College. Students can choose a research theme among a wide range of faculties and departments depending on their field of study and their future occupational goals. Both the Tokushima and Kagawa campuses provide the students with a clean environment, an abundance of space and greenery, modern buildings with new equipment and much more.

Students learn about the history of music and the effect of it on society. Students are encouraged to learn to play a first and second instrument and to participate in some form of an ensemble such as an orchestra.

yPiano Coursez
One can learn a high level of music through this course while at Tokushima Bunri University. During this 4 year program, students will have the chance to hear the sounds of various great musicians as well as receive lessons from world-renowned pianists who come to visit Bunri from around the world

yVoice Coursez
In this course we pay attention to the development of each students voice. We teach students the basic correct voice exercises aiming for a great power to express and sing as well as offer musical experiences such as operas, chorus, chamber music and solo

yStrings, Winds and Percussion Coursez
We make sure to closely watch the student's capability both individually and when as a member of an ensemble. As well, students will have the opportunity to be taught lessons by top-rated teachers from within Japan and the world. The results of the students practice through the creation of multi-instrumental orchestras are demonstrated regularly through periodical concerts and other concerts held on campus. These performances are a great stimulation for the students and become an opportunity to discover new ensembles.

yElectronic Instruments Coursez
Students are able to develop this brand new field of music by making use of our computer music system and using the electronic instruments that we have here.

yMusic Therapy Coursez
Tokushima Bunri University was the first school in Japan to take notice of this new field and as a Music Faculty began the first Music Therapy course. A sister school academic agreement was signed with Shenandoah University, the leading school in the field of
music therapy in the United States, and as

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