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- Introduction -
In 1895, the 28th year of the Meiji period, Sai Murasaki founded a private vocational institution. Presently, Tokushima Bunri University and its affiliated Junior College consist of 9 faculties and 27 departments making it one of the largest post-secondary
institutions in Western Japan.
The University has two campuses: Tokushima Campus in Tokushima City, Tokushima Prefecture and Kagawa Campus in Sanuki City located east of Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture.
The undergraduate program of the Tokushima Campus consists of six-year courses in School of Pharmaceutical Sciences and four-year courses in Faculty of Human Life Sciences, Health and Welfare, Policy Studies, and Music.
There is also a one year postgraduate course in Human Life Sciences, Music or Midwifery, as well as Masterfs Degree and Ph.D courses in the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Human Life Sciences, and Policy Studies Course as a Professional Degree Program.
Tokushima Bunri Junior College has twoyear programs in Commerce, Language and Communication, Life Science, Child Care, and in Music at the Tokushima Campus.
At the Kagawa-Campus there are four-year programs at the Faculty of Health and Welfare, Literature, Science and Engineering, as well as a six-year program in the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences.
There are also Masterfs Degree and Ph.D courses in the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Literature, and Engineering.
Nowadays, Tokushima Bunri University and Tokushima Bunri Junior College along with a kindergarten, an elementary School, a junior-and senior-high school, make up the Murasaki Gakuen Educational Foundation.
The founding motto of Tokushima Bunri University is gIndependence and Cooperationh and the academic environment in any of its programs reflects and promotes this phrase through professional faculty and staff, and up-to-date research facilities.

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